Dufferin Terrasse

Terrasse Dufferin (boardwalk), located just below the Chateau Frontenac, in Old Quebec is a beautiful terrace along the St. Lawrence River, built in 1879 under the direction of Lord Dufferin, governor of Canada.

Overlooking the St-Laurent, at the foot of Château Frontenac, this boardwalk built in 1879 offers a gorgeous view of the river and the old harbour.  It offers stunning views of the city and the river and there are many interesting sights to take in as you stroll down the terrace even a few cannons spread along the walkway (several of these cannons were captured by the British from the Russians during the Crimean War, in 1854).

The walkway extends for a long way down the St. Lawrence River, and if you care to extend your walk, there is also a walkway into the Plains of Abraham. Also along the walkway you can find the original fortifications from the Upper City displayed, creating an interesting view of the history of Quebec.

Throughout the year, the Terrasse Dufferin becomes a gathering place for much of Quebec for various festivals. During the summer months, tourists can often find entertainers and artists along the terrace, creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere. In July and August, the Terrasse Dufferin also becomes the location for a large book fair known as Les Bouquinistes du Saint-Laurent.

Overall, the Terrasse Dufferin offers a free way to explore both the panoramic beauty and the rich history of Old Quebec.

From Terrasse Dufferin, you can also reach a funicular to take you to locations in Lower City such as Petit-Champlain and Place Royal. You can also visit archeological digs just underneath the Terrasse Dufferin.

If you walk down the stairs from the Citadelle, you’l admire a great view of the St. Lawrence and the Old Quebec. The walk is not strenuous as there are lots of spots to stop and rest and enjoy the scenery.

dufferin terrasse

The Terrasse Dufferin is a wide boardwalk that stetches in front of the Chateau Frontenac and is at the base of the Citadel. Photo : © GrandQuebec


Photo: © GrandQuebec

samuel de champlain

This wonderful promenade, wide and smooth, has a grand monument to Samuel Champlain, founder of Quebec City. Photo : © V. Petrvosky

boardwalk dufferin

The boardwalk offers a lovely view of the St. Lawrence River and glass cut outs allow you to see the original city settlement below the terrace.Photo : © V. Petrvosky

levis city

Right by the "Chateau Frontenac" la Terrasse Dufferin give a wonderful view to the Saint Lawrence River and the city of Levis across. Photo : © V. Petrvosky

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