Montreal Zombie Walk 2013

Montreal Zombie Walk 2013 was held on Saturday, October 19th, 2013. This walk was a public manifestation, where participants walked around dressed as zombies and had zombie makeup. It started at the Place des Festivals in the Quartier des Spectacles (Metro Place-des-Arts). Animation, photo-booth and make-up tents were on site from noon, but the departure of the mob was at about 3:30pm.

People could be “zombified” at the make-up tents from noon to 3pm in exchange of 15$ (tip not included). It was not obligatory to be dressed as a zombie but it was highly recommended, as if half the people would just follow around without a costume, there would be no point being in a zombie walk. Many were dressed as zombie hunters or survivors.

After the zombies left the Place des Festivals (Metro Place-des-Arts), they wandered through the streets of downtown Montreal for a while. The walk ended back at the Place des festivals at about 17.

There was a great zombie party after the walk at Abreuvoir (403 Ontarion Est) and then the zombies went back to the cemetery.

Zombie walks have been organized before in several cities all around the world since 2005. In Montreal it’s held since 2011, it’s free and open to everyone.

For the Montreal Zombie Walk 2014, please remember that everybody is welcome, but some kids could be scared as they might not share the same taste for zombies as you do.

Here come some of the photos made by our team during the Zombie Walk. Enjoy and see you at Montreal Zombie Walk 2014!

zombie in Montreal

The Zombie Walk was held on October 19, 2013. Photo : ©

place des festivals

Place des Festivals at about 14.50. Photo : ©

zombie constructeur

This walk was a public manifestation, where participants walked around dressed as zombies. Photo : ©

three heros walking dead

Three characters from the Walking Dead TV series. Photo : ©

sheriff walking dead

The sheriff and a zombie from The Walking Dead TV series. Photo : ©

docteur death

A Maiden and the Death. Photo : ©

world war z

World War Z. Photo : ©

docteur Death

Doctor Death. Photo : ©

zombie rampant

A rampant zombie. Photo : ©

jolies filles

Two nice zombie girls. Photo : ©

zombie fiancee

You may kiss the bride. Photo : ©

nazi zombie

An officer nazi zombie and his staff. Photo : ©

portrait grand père

Zombies looking for her great-father. Photo : ©

wheel chair zombie

Wheelchair zombie. Photo : ©

belle zombie

An attractive zombie. Photo : ©

charming zombies

Two other charming zombie girls. Photo : ©

blanche neige

White Snow. Photo : ©

zombie cook

A cook zombie. Photo : ©

fresh meat

The cook invites the guests to taste a piece of fresh meat. Photo : ©


Two nice zombies. Photo : ©

public zombie

Many had zombie makeup. Photo : ©

zombie montréal

People could be “zombified” at the make-up tents. Photo : ©

zombie apprentis

A young zombie. Photo : ©

viking never die

Vikings never die! Photo : ©

bell kiosque

A terrified man tries to hide in a Bell booth, in a second, he will be caught up and his brains eaten.Photo : ©

zombies babies

Baby zombies are delicious, even without salt. Photo : ©

place st henri

A couple of nice zombies at the Place-Henri Metro Station. Photo : ©

zombies lionel groulx

A zombie family at the Lionel-Groulx Metro Station. Photo : ©

walking dead enchained

Walking dead enchained. Photo : ©

manifestation zombies

They are coming! Photo : ©

montreal in crise

Montreal in crise. Photo : ©

zombies infirmières

These ladies are awating you… Photo : ©

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