Charlevoix region

The Chalevoix, a lovely blend of nature and culture, is renowned for its picture-perfect landscapes.

This region has been celebrated by painters, writers, poets, musicians from everywhere. The Charlevoix is located deep in the very heart of the Canadian Shield over 6 thousand square kilometres. Its landscape is due to the impact of a 15 billion ton meteorite which fell here about 350 million years ago.

The crater currently extends over 55 kilometres from the west end of Baie-Saint-Paul to the eastern approach to La MAlbaie. The region offers a great number of attractions. Charming villages perch on steep hillsides, offering captivating vistas of tidewater of the St. Lawrence and towering summits of the majestic Laurentians mountains. The region was named after Father François-Xavier Charlevoix, who was the very first historian of Nouvelle-France (New-France).

The first settlements appear as early as in XVII century and the very first resort community – La Malbaie - was founded as early as 1800. Over the years, small hotels opened, catering to visitors seeking picturesque landscapes for hiking, salmon and trout fishing, salt water bathing in summer and “white fishing” (fishing under the glass) un winter.

Later, a flurry of very cozy and quaint inns appear. So, nowadays, the Charelevoix is one of Quebec’s best destinations for tourism and fine cuisine.

Waiting for an email while admiring the view of the St. Lawrence, breaking from a meeting to enjoy a gourmet meal, ending your day with a spa appointment of round of gola - the Charlevoix region is a choice destination for conventions, small symposiums, and business meetings. A variety of hotels and inns are fully equipped to provide professional convention services. From cozy inns that welcome small work groups to the prestigious Farimont Le Manoir Richelieu Hotel, which can accomodate gathering of up to 1000 people, the Charlevoix is the ideal place to take care of business while you take care of yourself.


Charlevoix. Photo: © Copyright YaniQc

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