Figurines of Charlevoix - Santons de Charlevoix

Figurines of Charlevoix or Santons de Charlevoix are made in St-Joseph de la Rive by Bernard Boivin.

He sells the at his craft boutique. These colourful and hand-painted figurines present traditional characters, buildings, such an old mill, a school and a chapel, nativity scenes, the Three Wise Men and other historic characters or people from local legends (werewolf and boogieman), as well as cattle, chicken, bears, owls, horses and other animals.

Each figurine is an original, individually made with the help of a mould. It is hand-painted, with gouache and acrylic.

The santons must be protected from water, dust and handle with care.  

Figurines of Charlevoix   Figurines of Charlevoix  Figurines of Charlevoix

The average height of the standing figurines is about 9 cm.

Address  if the Santons of Charlevoix:

Website of Santons de Charlevoix: (the photos of Werewolf, Champlain and a Noon have been taken from the website)

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