Mount Murray Manor

Charlevoix Region, formed by a meteorite strike, is a heaven for travelers, sport fishermen and summer people. After the British Conquest, Governor James Murray divided the region into two parts, which he gave to two of his officers who had served with the 78th Fraser Highlanders during the Sever Years’ War.

Lieutenant John Nairne named his land Murray Bay and Lieutenant Malcolm Frazer called his Mount Murray. It wasn’t until the 1820ies that a manor house was built in Mount Murray, because Malcolm Frazer continued his career in the military and never opened up the land. The old manor house suffered many onslaughts in the 20th century. For example, the earthquake of 1925 caused considerable damage to the house.

The repairs altered the estate significantly. In 1975, while the house was on loan to Radio Canada as a film set, it went up in flames, and a cigarette was thought to have been the cause (tobacco kills!).

Mount Murray Manor was rebuilt in the 199ies, and the house was altered once again, although some of the original stone structure still exists. However a small lake and Italianate garden replace the former vegetable gardens and fields. The granary, root cellar and squared-log barn still survive as reminders of the original premises.

Address of Mount Murray Manor House:

40 Malcolm Fraser Boulevard Cap-a-l’Aigle

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