Cap-à-l’Aigle Gardens

To explore these gardens of Cap-à-L'Aigle Village des Lilas, in Charlevoix is to experience swells of different floral fragrances, exuded by a multitude of flowers.

There are other lilac gardens in Quebec, but they are part of arboretums or botanical gardens.

The Cap-à-l’Aigle Village of lilacs wants you to discover the beauty of these flowers on a magnificent site overlooking the St. Lawrence River, where visitors can marvel at the colours and scents offered by its dozens of species of lilacs.

In fact, a family activity - Garden tourism is a fast-growing activity the world over, and Quebec is no exception. So as to make the village a place not to be missed, the village of lilacs' team is setting up parks, lookouts, and gardens that will highlight the presence of lilacs. Les Jardins du cap à l'Aigle were created in 2003.

A German horticulturist donated a collection of one thousand different varieties of Lilacs, and 200 of them are planted in the garden.

gardens lilac cap aigle

The arrangements are those surrounding the Duchesne Pavillion, the welcoming garden, the commemorative garden, the vegetable garden and the grand willow. Guests are also welcome to visit the rest of the terrain and enjoy the scenery, that makes up part of the World Biosphere Reserve.

Located on the site are a café and terrace "Le Lilas Café", with a view on the river and a gift shop, as well as a barn where artists can sometimes be found  working The Gardens of cap à l’Aigle in addition to the collection of young lilacs, offer to the public several annual and perennial flower beds.

Photo of the Gardens by Pollyalida :

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