Art and Art Galleries

The Charlevoix Region is much more than just a beautiful countryside. In fact, it’s also a vibrant, diverse art world that has earned a reputation as a leading center of artistic expression and creation. This explosion of artistic expression is particularly prevalent among artists. Some of Art Galleries of Baie St-Paul:

  • Atelier-galerie Pierre-Gilles Martin et Carole Tangua, 90, Saint-Jean-Baptiste St., phone 418 435-3769: Pierre-Gilles depicts deep and vast spaces where light is powerful and the subject is always simple. Carole’s designs are varied: canvasses, jewellery, decorative objects.
  • Art Gallery Beauchamp, 16 Saint-Jean-Baptiste Street, phone 418 240-2244 or toll free 1 866 577-2244.  A family story of two generations and over fifty artists and sculptors of international renown in one of seven Beauchamp family-owned galleries.
  • Art Gallery Johanne Thomas, 29, Saint-Jean-Baptiste St., phone 418 240-4343) : Emergeance Collection. Permanent exhibit of works by Johanne thomas. Courses on request.
  • Art Gallery Yvon Desgagnés, 1, Forget Street, phone 418 435-3429/418 827 4294) The Art Gallery with as many acclaimmed artsist as young promising ones. Quality pieces, carefully selected by experts with years of expericness. Maitre Desgagnés iis one of the founding members of the Professional Art Galleries Association of Quebex
  • Art Gallery Cristobal, 65, Saint-Jean-Baptiste St., phone 418 452-3555 or toll free 418 657-3553: A remarkable exhibit displaying over 80 oils, pastels and reproductions by artist Cristobal which are a feast for the eyes. Landsacpes, countrysides, life scenes, still life. Fine figurative pieces showing a flair for the romantic and the Impressionists. Diamant Gallery. 70, Saint-Jean-Baptiste Street, phone 418 240-3438). Canvasses by artist Girard are sure to please every contemporary art lover. His collection entitles The Diamonds of muy country is an homage to life, to art an to the Charlevoix.
  • Guylaine Fournier Gallery, 88 et 104-2, Saint-Jean-Baptiste Street, phone 418 435-4183: Originals by renowned artists, acrylics, oils, water-colors.
  • Les arts Kapelier Galleryб 52, Saint-Jean-Baptiste Street, phone 418 635 1061. Exlusive collection with the artist painting before your very eyes. Original articles, clotjing and faux-antique furniture.
  • René Richard House, 58, Saint-Jean-Baptiste Street, phone 418 435 5571: A not-to-be-missed collection, renowned present-day masters and masters from the pastю
  • Galerie d’art Iris, 30, Saint-Jean-Baptiste Street, phone 418 435-5768 or toll free 1 866 425-3743.  A prestigious gallery with more than forty artists in display.
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