Les Quatre Vents Gardens

Hidden within the old Mount Murray land repose the magnificent Les Quatre Vents Gardens (Jardins Les Quatre Vents). The gardens were conceived and developed by the couple of Anne and Frank Cabot. They cover several acres and constitute a perfect marriage of the wild and the cultivated.

They are really magnificent and humorous. Those who visited the premises were marvelled by exquisite vistas, areas for serene contemplation and surprises at every turn. There is a rope bridge over a ravine, a quarter of jazz musicians which are human-sized metal frogs and many more attractions. Here, landscape design contrasts with pools, Italianate and Oriental gardens.

Everything is juxtaposed with forests, fields and streams, as well as northern woodland gardens. As visitors walk along the path, they trigger a lovely music which emanates from the surrounding bushes. These gardens are a family tradition. The fees collected are donated to an ecological cause. Frank Cabot published a book on the gardens, A Greater Performance, where he refers to the garden a bridge between man and nature.

Address if the Gardens of Les Quatre Vents:

135 Malcolm Fraser Boulevard


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