Emu Center of Charlevoix

The Emu Center of Charlevoix (Centre de l’émeu de Charlevoix) is the biggest specialized emu center in Quebec, one of the biggest in Canada, and the only one to offer a diversified range of products, meats and cosmetics. It’s an agricultural production center, and its goal is to develop a high-quality “Charlevoix Emu” product, to implant a strong Emu industry in Quebec with local partners, and to subsequently expand its business to other Canadian provinces.

The enterprise welcomed its first livestock of emus in September 1997 and, to this day, this livestock exceeds more than 400 emus of all ages. The Center dedicates also to the development and marketing of emu by-products. Visitors can find more than 30 meat products and twelve or so cosmetic products which are available individually and in a wide variety of gift boxes.

The emu originates from Australia, and, after the ostrich, it is the second largest bird in the world. The interest for the bird comes from the fact that it is easy to breed, and it produces a whole range of diversified by-products, many of which are beneficial for one’s health.

Emu meat is tender, has a bright red colour and a sweet flavour. Besides, the emu is not fed hormones, antibiotics or bone meal. The meat is extra-light (2 to 4.7% fat) and low in cholesterol. Furthermore, non-saturated fats in this meat are good for one’s health. Besides, it’s an excellent source of protein, iron, zinc, B12 vitamin and has a high level of potassium.

Emu meat meets the needs of those who are looking for a healthy and diversified food and also persons with ecological concerns or those who need a restrictive-food diet (low in fat, high in iron, gluten allergy).  Furthermore, our emu sausages are especially suitable for those seeking gluten-free food.

Agrotourism is taking an increasing place within the company, and since it specializes in the emu, the Centre de l’émeu de Charlevoix has qualified as a «discovery farm» and it informs its customers about the fascinating world of the ratites, those birds that run but can’t fly.
The center is located in Saint-Urbain, in the beautiful Charlevoix region, along route 381, 4 km (2.5 mi) from route 138.

Coordinats :

Ferme et Chez Gertrude
706, rue St-Édouard, C.P. 293
G0A 4K0

Phone : 418-639-2205

Web Site : emeucharlevoix.com

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