Charlevoix Parks

The Charlevoix Region is land of water, forests and mountains. It is blessed with thick and inviting woodlands, the St. Lawrence River and numerous lakes and rivers, rolling hills and towering peaks, ideal for a host of outdoor activities. It boasts awesome landscapes, where all the elements combine in perfect harmony.

With such abundance of settings in a comparatively small area, the region is a main destination for many outdoor activities. In fact, Charlevoix meets your every need. Both beginner and expert hikers find here trails leading to breathtaking lookouts. Avid mountain bikers opt for well-groomed trails.

They can also head out to discover Charlevoix beautiful backcountry, off-trail. For canoeing, kayaking, cross-country skiing, rock climbing, to name but a few, vacationers find everything required for their favourite activities here. Charlevoix residents are so proud of the natural wonders which surround them, that they are eager to share their passion with one and all. Regional tourist organisations offer visitors guided tours, visits and various nature interpretation activities, and there is something for everyone.

The Charlevoix stunning parks and natural sites are really superb for all kinds of outdoor activities. They are perfect setting for discovering, observing this vast kingdom. The parks offer everything from unforgettable St. Lawrence views to spectacular natural phenomena and rare plant habitats. You can learn more about Charlevoix parks reading these articles (but we gladly admit that many more excellent parks and natural sites await you in Charlevoix):

charlevoix landscape

Charlevoix landscapes. Photo : © V. Petrovskiy

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