Exceptional Quebeckers

Anyone who would like to move to the Province of Quebec usually wishes to learn more about its history. For this reason, our site’s first pages are devoted to life stories of Quebeckers who helped found and build our beautiful province. We will tell you about men and women who wrote the history of the Province of Quebec.

Thanks to those people, this province became our new home and is ready to welcome more immigrants.

Sometimes, the role of a particular historic person is debatable. You might even find unacceptable some famous people’s biographical facts. Nevertheless, those men and women lived, worked, fought, and suffered. The result? The Province of Quebec as we know it, including its advantages and drawbacks, its beauty and well-disguised secrets. The Province of Quebec, in the end, is its people and their ancestors.

We, in our turn, are grateful to all those who shaped this beautiful country.

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