Forests, parks and mountains of Quebec

In Quebec, the flora and fauna constitute a valuable part of our national heritage and are protected in numerous parks and wildlife reserves.

All of these vast tracts of land are accessible during summer and many of them are also open to the visitors all the year round. Most of the parks offer multiple services such as pedestrian trails, chalets, small crafts, picnic areas, swiming facilities, bicycle paths… Game in our forests is abundant, and tourists can see Virginia deer, hare, bear, moose, beaver, grouse and many other animals. Hunting and fishing are permitted but very well controlled.

Besides, well trained guides who superfvise hunting and fishing can also offer counselling services. They can do it all, from supplying a hydroplane to building a campfire.

They can also help you to arragne lidgin varying from luxurious hotels near these parks to Indian style camping sauvage.

quebec province

Quebec, Province-Garden, Photo : © ProvinceQuebec


The Laurentian Forest. Photo : © ProvinceQuebec

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