Aiguebelle National Park

Aiguebelle National Park is located at Mont-Brun, which constitutes a sector of Rouyn-Noranda city, Abitibi-Témiscamingue Region. This Park of conservation has a surface of 268.3 square kilometres, surrounded by marks left by retreating glaciers, cooled lava flows and very old rocks.

The Aiguebelle National Park is located in a protected area Guests can walk the 64-meter long footbridge suspended 22 meters above the lake Haie.

They can also take the 220 spiral steps running the cliff-side or climb a fire ranger tower. A small wildlife museum is located here. Tourists can explore the territory on foot, in a rabaska canoe, or in a canoe or kayak in the summer. They can use backcountry skis or snowshoes in the winter.

The park is divided in sectors of Lois Lake and Matissard Lake. The Castoriere trail is adapted for the mobility impaired, ensuring that as many people as possible have access to the rich natural environment of Park national d’Aiguebelle. Small and cozy rustic Shelters are nestled on a hilltop on the shores of the Lake Lois and the Lake Matissard, and walkers can use them for rest and relaxation. All log cabins have a single room equipped with a wood stove and an outdoor pit toilet. The cabins are equipped with mattresses and 2-burner propane stoves.

Few cabins are big enough for groups. In Aiguebelle National Park, in certain places, such as on a lookout or by a lake or stream, artists invite you to an intimate show in an enchanting setting. Hillside trails blend harmoniously with the natural environment.

They offer the entire family the opportunity to experience nature at its best. Tourists walk along Les Paysages Trail, visit the Japanese bridge or the floating bridge. On Les Marmites trail, visitors discover volcanic cushions and giant cauldrons created by geological phenomena linked to an ancient underwater volcano activity and glaciers.

The wildlife in this park is abundant and the territory is home to the largest concentration of moose in Abitibi. Besides, close to 450 beaver dams are located here. Aiguebelle has as well several different kinds of habitats. On rocky cliffs, lakes, peat bogs or in the forest, hikers can observe a variety of bird species.

There are a few peaceful campgrounds, rustic or with services.

Since June 2009, guests can discover the new Huttopia ready-to-camp formula at the Ojibway pedestrian campground.

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