The Rapids Park

The Rapids Park (Parc des Rapides) an exceptional natural site, a real jewel, located in LaSalle at the foot of the Lachine rapids. In fact the park is a tranquil little island ideal for those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life. Guests enjoy the magnificent view overlooking the St. Lawrence River and its tumultuous rapids, discover rare species of birds or stroll along its carefully maintained trails. In the 16th century, the first French explorers encountered this insurmountable obstacle to their ships and wondered if the powerful rapids led to China.

In 1535, during his second voyage, Jacques Cartier was astonished by the impressive Lachine rapids. Today, the park des Rapides offers a stunning view of the Lachine Rapids. Its hilly green space is a tremendously diverse ecological zone. A sanctuary for migratory birds since 1937, the Parc Des Rapides is full of birds and small animals.

It's home to about 225 species of birds, including the largest heron colony in Quebec, and dozens species of fish. In winter, many ducks take over the territory. Visitors can walk along an interpretation path that presents information about the history of the area as well as that of the old hydroelectric power plant. In summer, visitors can observe rafters and kayakers challenge the Lachine rapids. Fishers also like to catch fish in this part of the river. Bicycles and household pets, as well as driving through the park in a vehicle or motorcycle or lighting a campfire are not authorized.

The Rapids park is open year round. To preserve the plants and wildlife in these natural surroundings created in an urban environment, it is of the utmost importance that the thousands of users obey the rules there. For example, to allow the newly planted growth to thrive, you must stay on the paths and not pick any of the plants. No fishing must be carried out in areas where fishing is not permitted, in order to protect the waterfront and wildlife that have made their home here.

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