Rene-Levesque Park

In the Rene-Levesque Park, located on a beautiful lengthy peninsula, the Lachine Canal bike path leads to the shores of Saint-Louis Lake.

This long and narrow piece of land protruding into Saint-Louis Lake borders the boroughs of Lachine and LaSalle of Montreal. Equipped with picnic tables and benches that make for the perfect family outing, this park is one of the most unique green spaces on the island of Montreal.

Along the trails, between the trees and along the shorelines, visitors admire two dozens of huge sculptures by artists from Québec and elsewhere. The creations stand among the trees and at the water's edge.

This exhibition is part of the Outdoor Lachine Museum, which also comprises the Lachine Museum and which features art and history exhibits.

The Museum is associated with the park. The park is an ideal spot to enjoy the great outdoors no matter what the season. The park is open all year long. It straddles the Lachine Basin to the north and the first set of Lachine rapids to the south, with a short trail connecting the park to the Lachine Canal bike path.

With just a single trail winding its way through the Rene-Levesque Park, visitors enjoy a number of outdoor activities like walking, cycling and cross-country skiing. However, the park is not as frequented as many other parks in the city of Montreal.

The park's relative seclusion allows for patient bird-watchers to catch a glimpse of a variety of different bird species, including the area's resident great herons.

rene levesque park trail

Park's trail. Photo : ©

park's trail

Another view of the park's trail. Photo : ©

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