Ruisseau de Montigny Park

The Ruisseau de Montigny Nature Park was open in 2005. It was made by Hydro-Quebec after the enterprise passed a high-voltage line nearby (the line was installed as a backup in case of a natural disaster, like the 1998 Ice Storm). Since then, nature lovers have had a new green space to enjoy in northeast Montréal.

This carefully conserved park is 22 hectares wide and is home to many types of plants, such as the red ash, as well as many animal species, such as the brown snake.

A small waterway stretches across several kilometres, cascading into magnificent waterfalls. The park also includes four small islands along the Riviere des Prairies, where muskrats, great herons, ducks and fish mate. The park has about 3 km of paths for bicycles and pedestrians.

There are also a few places where picnic table have been installed, with nearby racks for locking up bicycles.

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