The Saguenay National Park

The Saguenay National Park is perched on a 283.6 square kilometres m of capes, stretching over the shorelines of the Saguenay fjord. In this magnificent amphitheatre the Saguenay National Park is one of Quebec's most invaluable jewels.

Indeed, the uniqueness of the Saguenay fjord, its beauty and historical importance call out to visitors. Its ecosystems vary from marine environments to the alpine tundra, each with memorable and unusual landscapes throughout the seasons. The park's hiking trails stretch out for more than 120 kilometres.

The Saguenay fjord region is a very interesting tourist destination whether tourists enjoy nature, culture or fine food; they will find the Saguenay Park appealing with its magnificent scenery presenting its impressive towering walls and capes.

There are numerous different activities in the summer and in the winter here, such as large scale live stage shows, hiking, sailing, camping, kayaking, boat cruises, and visiting museums, interpretation and historic sites.

saguenay fjord

 The Saguenay Fjord region and the Saguenay National Park are tourist destinations with memorable and unusual landscapes throughout the seasons. Photo : © ProvinceQuebec

ladder path saguenay

Whether you enjoy nature, culture, music or fine food, you will find the Saguenay fjord region appealing with its majestic landscape and magnificent scenery. Behind its towering walls and impressive capes, a city and a series of villages decorate the travel route that lets you discover the magical land. Photo : © ProvinceQuebec

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