There are hundreds of very interesting museums in Québec. Thus every visitor can find a museum suitable to her ou his gusto in almost any town and village.

Quebec boasts hundreds of museums that delight and inspire dozens of millions of visitors every year. These museums are renowned worldwide as tributes to the past and celebrations of modernity. These institutions whisk visitors off to different worlds ranging from art to architecture, science, archaeology, nature, history, the performing arts, film, the First Nations and New France, all with an innovative touch. There's something for everyone.

How often have you heard people praise the last movie they saw, the show they were at last night or even the latest restaurant to open its doors. These are experiences that we like to share with others. But how long is it since you last escaped to a museum hand in hand with a relative, a child or with the one you love? Have you ever counted the clouds in a painting of one of the great masters or used a trowel to dig up an old artifact? Yet, don't these activities include both spectacle and extraordinary sensory experience?

Quebec's museums offer you a pletora of activities to entertain you and to stir your emotions. There is somtehing fascinating for everyone, and whether you are visual or auditory or looking for an interactive experience, you can spend unforgettable moments in every historical period and on every conceivable topic. So why not plan to make them part of your outings?

A museum visit means taking time to savour every moment. Do some browsing in the museum boutique, have something to eat or drikn it its cafeteria or simply wander through its neighbourhood to get a feell for the culture… Do it with someone dear to you, as like all good things in life, it's much better when you share it.

french america museum

Museum of French America (Amérique française) of Quebec. Photo : ©

Museums in Abitibi-Temiscamingue region:

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