Capelton copper Mine

Since the late 19th Century, mining was an important industry for the Eastern Townships.

One of the most profitable was the Capelton copper mine that today offers visitors the unique experience of touring the underground operation. Although Capelton Mine is more than 4,000 feet deep, you can explore only a small portion of the upper level, as lower levels are flooded. The mine gives an accurate and truthful interpretation of what mining was like c1860 through 1920.

The Capelton mine was open in 1863 and was in operation till the 1920ies. The impact of the mine is still seen today however, in the landscape and structure of Capelton. Well-trained guides make the experience most enjoyable. However, the visit is not for the claustrophobic individual.

Be aware that there are steep sets of steps that must be negotiated so those with problems climbing shouldn’t attempt the tour.

Visitors are outfitted with boots and appropriate clothing before taking the exhilarating ride up-mountain to the mine’s entrance.

By Inna Pak

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