Charlevoix Maritime Museum

Charlevoix Maritime Museum witnesses Charlevoix Region rich maritime history. It discovers Charlevoix’s maritime tradition through the Saint-Joseph-de-la-Rive shipyard, established in 1946.

This enterprise, Le Chantier Maritime de Charlevoix was dedicated to the building, repair and winter dry-docking of schooners until it closed in 1972. Today, the Charlevoix Maritime Museum’s mission has been to share with this exceptional site’s visitors the history and building techniques unique to schooners, these magnificent ships. The museum offers visitors a wonderful site year-round and for the whole family.

Guests take in the Main Theme Building, sawmill, workshop and the old store room to find out all about local maritime tradition.

Tourists visit also the film shooting site of the popular Québec film DUO starring Serge Postigo, Annick Lemay, Gildor Roy and François Massicotte.

The Museum’s vast property spreads out along the St Lawrence sea shore, thus you can explore the site, have fun and lunch with the family on the beach. The Charlevoix Maritime Museum features two schooners with a rich past: the Jean Yvan, built in 1958, open for the public to visit from hold to wheelhouse, and the Saint-André, dating back to 1956, classified as historical property.

The Saint-André represents the last and most advanced type of flat-bottomed schooners on the St Lawrence. The Charlevoix Maritime Museum’s boutique offers a wide range of objects, gifts, model ships, souvenir artefacts and more. The boutique is on the Museum site, at Saint-Joseph-de-la-Rive.

Address of the Museum: 305, rue de l’Église Saint-Joseph-de-la-Rive

G0A 3Y0

Phone: 418 635-1131

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