St. Joseph-de-la-Rive

Located at the gates of Isle-aux-Coudres (Hazelnut Island), St. Joseph-de-la-Rive offers you a breathtaking panoramic view of the land of the schooners, the quay, and capes jutting out of the St. Lawrence River.

Guests can relax on the sandy beach and observe the great sea-liners as they thread their way through the channel between the bank and the Isle-aux-Coudres. The area’s topography was formed not only by the 1663 earthquake and landslide but also by a meteor impact hundreds of millions years ago that had formed a gigantic 70 km (43.5 mi)-wide Charlevoix crater.

The impact point of the meteor fell at the spearheaded mountain behind the village of Les Eboulements, just next to St. Joseph-de-la-Rive. St. Joseph village stretches from the depths of a small bay between the river and mountain. From here, tourists can travel by car, or better yet, by bicycle, to Isle-aux-Coudres.

Years ago, St-Joseph-de-la-Rive was called Les Eboulements-en-Bas (the Lower Landslides). This community was the cradle of the colonization of the territory with the first seigneury set around 1720, followed by a mill. During the 20th century, St. Joseph-de-la-Rive became a popular and sought-out vacation spot, and the first three hotels from the era still exist today. The heart of the village is at the water’s edge: the 1910 church with its maritime-inspired interior decor, the presbytery, and a fretted-board woodshed on the riverbank.

The Isle-aux-Coudres ferry can take you to the island just three km (1.8 mi) from the village.

St-Joseph-de-la-Rive boasts a number of interesting establishments: the Maritime Discovery Exposition Center, still an active shipyard dedicated to schooners and Charlevoix's maritime history; the St. Gilles handicraft paper factory offering old-fashioned fine paper products inlaid with local flowers and leaves; a lovely terracotta workshop specializing in painted figurines (Santons de Charlevoix); the famous Laurentide bread and pastry shop, boulangerie-patisserie Laurentide, whose home-made products are inspired by a maritime theme. As to eating out or staying for a night, you can have a meal at Auberge Beausejour (569, chemin du Quai), Auberge de la Rive (280, Eglise Street), or La Maison sous les Pins (352, Felix-Antoine Savard Street) and stay at these places or just rent a cottage.

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