Deux-Montagnes is a town, located in south-western Quebec, in the Deux-Montagnes county of the Laurentian region, on the north shore of the One Thousand River (Riviere des Mille Iles), where the river flows out of Lake of Two Mountains.

The town is within the limits of the greater Montreal region. Its has the population of about 18, 000. Deux-Montagnes is a community with a unique cachet and a green philosophy, protected by an environmental vision and high quality of life.

The actual name Deux-Montagnes dates back to the end of the 17th century when the lake that stands in front of the present-day town of Deux-Montagnes was baptised with this name, as well as a seigneurial territory which stood north of the lake. The town was incorporated in 1921, as St-Eustache-sur-le-Lac (at the moment, its population totalled less than 300 permanent residents), but it changed its name to Deux-Montagnes in 1963.

In the earlier years, Deux-Montagnes was renowned as a holiday resort area and the whole area was developed for summer cottages. Later, its proximity to Montréal turned this locality into a residential suburb, thus families began to settle down on a permanent basis here. Community spirit makes the town as a lively, animated, warm and hospitable city that sets itself apart by its quality of life. In fact, it’s like having downtown Montreal in the suburbs and the peace and quiet of a green suburb.

Two commuter train stations serve the Deux Montagnes line, namely Deux-Montagnes station and Grand-Moulin station. As to sports, the Deux-Montagnes Pantheres hockey team, the Deux-Montagnes Shamrocks soccer team, basketball Deux-Montagnes and other teams are well-known in Canadat-Eustache-du-Lac.

No matter where you are in the city, you can access one of the two stations in less than seven minutes. Flanked in part by the Lake of Two-Mountains and the Mille-Iles River (One Thousand Islands River), the town is endowed with a magnificent well-kept woodlands area through which runs a bicycle path. This trail that travels through town, and it’s studded with historic buildings. Deux-Montagnes has numerous attractions and it’s a great place to live.

Every year, Deux-Montagnes registers several hundred new homeowners on its territory. To welcome them and promote their integration, the city hall has created a series of documents regarding services, local businesses, activities and other aspects of municipal life.

This welcome package is sent to any new resident whenever a residential property is sold.

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