Saint-Georges-de-Windsor is a small rural community of about 900 inhabitants, located between Asbestos and Sherbrooke, in the Eastern Townships Region.

The municipality was founded in 1861. It’s surrounded by rolling hills, and this lovely community is worth visiting by tourists. The village was named after Georges-Jacques Duhaut, local priest, who read there the first mess. The part Windsor honors the town of Windsor in the UK, residence of the royal family, located near London.

Curious fact, on road 249, between St-George and Windsor guests find a panoramic lookout in the shape of a cow. Visitors can see seven church steeples from there. The Catholic Church of St-George-de-Windsor, built in 1870, is the only one in Quebec to have a statue of each of the twelve Apostles.

Besides, Saint-Georges residents pride themselves on the quality of their cheese.

They say that nothing beats the taste of the “petit lait” cheese at the family-run cheese factory, established in the early 1900s.

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