Kingsbury is a village, located in Estrie Region of Quebec (Eastern Townships), in Val-St-François County. It has a population of about 100.

A village was created in 1926, when the village of New Rockland, incorporated in 1890 and the village of Kingsbury, born in 1896, amalgamated. Kingsbury built its fame in Canada on its slate quarries, found primarily in Melbourne and Shipton Townships of Quebec.

The quarries contained New Rockland and Walton slate used in the production of school blackboards. In Kingsbury, tourists can still see many residences of Victorian style, with slate roofs in the older section of town with their wood-sided half-timber walls. Despite the industry's slowdown in the down of the 20th century, the village is well known today for its artificial marsh, created by the construction of a dam on the Salmon River. This wetland is very important element in the ecological system of the area.

It is host to a concentration of aquatic and diving birds. Besides, guests can find a number of white-tailed deer, a stand of pure red pines and a lovely heron colony.

Address of Kingsbury:

370, rue du Moulin Kingsbury J0B 1X0

Phone: 819 826-2527

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