Deleage is a town in the Gatineau Valley regional county, the administrative area of the Outaouais. The town is located on the eastern banks of the Gatineau River near the town of Maniwaki. More than 2000 inhabitants live here permanently, but dozens vacationers come to Deleage in summer

The town was founded in 1871 as Kensington Township, its name was derived from a district of West London, Great Britain, where Nottingham House is located, place of birth of Queen Victoria. It was renamed to Deleage, in 1930, to honour Jean-Francois-Regis Deleage, missionary in the Outaouais region from 1853 to 1879,

Most inhabitants speak French as their first language, and only about 5% speak English or other languages.

Deleage is located by the Lake of Trente-et-un-Milles, wonders of the Gatineau Valley.

The regional park Pont de Pierre - Stone Bridge, is a very famous local attraction. Indeed, this unique geological site is perfectly suited for family picnic in a cool and shadowy place or even for a swim in a natural bubble tub. Guests can access the site by boat from the lake of Trente-et-un-Milles or walking thought a secure trails network. Dissolution and erosion make here spectacular results: natural rock bridge, cave, waterfall, gigantic pothole…

Tourists can stay at one of three camping sites nearby: Camping 193, Camping Four Seasons, Camping Lake Achigan. A nice small restaurant Chez Lea is located in the downtown.

Guests can access Deleage by Road 107 and Road 105.

To contact Deleage:

175, road 107
J9E 3A8
Phone: 819 449-1979

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