Kazabazua is a small village of Quebec, located in the heart of the Outaouais region, in the Gatineau Valley.

Around 900 inhabitants live there, Kazabazua was founded in 1862 and named after a river that crosses the territory. Its name in Algonquin means “water streaming under the rocks.

Indeed, a curious natural phenomenon makes the Kazabazua river disappear under the village ground and reapear on the surface further on. Among the numerous attractions of Kazabazua, guest can chose between the magical Forest of the Kazabazua River, formed of dunes and peaty bogs, with very exclusive faunae and florae.

The Linear Park of Gatineau Valley goes across the forest and gives cyclists and hikers a magnificent view of this beautiful and fragile ecosystem. Even though, the village is small, visitors can see three local churches: the Catholic Church of Notre-Dame du Mont Carmel, the United Churche of Canada and the Anglican Saint-John Church.

In winter, Dog Sledding is offered by a local firm and a Carnival of Kazabazua is celebrated in February. About half a dozen good restaurants are located at Kazabazua, offering local food at rather accessible price (almost all of them are located along the route 105), there are also a few B&B.

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