Laverlochere is a small village in the Temiscamingue county with a population of 700 people. The community was founded in 1904 and named after Jean-Nicolas Laverlochere, a French monk who evangelized Aboriginal people in the area of Temiscamingue Lake.

In 1947, a fascinating “castle” was built here: a brick manor, unique in its genre.

The village is also known as home to an amusing Interpretation Center of Wasps. This center exhibits hundreds of wasps, each unique in its own way. Guests learn more about the wasps’ life cycle, the way wasps build their nests, and the materials they use.

Another attraction of Laverlochere is the Centaure Firm, a horse-riding school, whose owners let visitors see the stable and the installations used for the riding lessons and the horse training. Tourists learn the history of the Canadian breed horses. The school also invites guests to experience the extraordinary feeling of riding a horse at a horse-riding lesson.
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