The township of Aumond is located within Valley-de-la-Gatineau County, in the Outaouais region, on the eastern shores of the Gatineau River.

The name of the township honours Colonel Joseph-Ignace Aumond, one of the major merchants of the region who supplied the Canadian shipbuilding industry with timber from the surrounding forests, in the nineteenth century. Mr. Aumond’s stores were located along the Gatineau river and went as far as Lake Timiskaming.

Aumond Township was proclaimed in 1861 and the next year, Roman Catholic priests from the community of Oblates built the first sawmill on the Joseph River, a tributary of the Gatineau River. They built also a flour mill adjacent to the first mill. The mills were powered by a water wheel which was replaced later by a small turbine that provided electricity to the villagers.

The site became known as the site of the Mills of the Priests, and today, Aumond revives the history of the community by the redevelopment of this site, located in the heart of the village.

There are a few seasonal cottages at Aumond and many vacationers come here to enjoy its colourful set in a superf scenery. Most people speak French as their first language, but guest will find people speaking English.

Anyway, inhabitants of this small picturesque community are gentle nobody will be deceit here. It is possible to camp at the Joseph river. Domaine du Lac Castor offers nice hunting and fishing.

Aumond is accessible by the Road 107 and the Road 117.

Address of Aumond: 679, Principal Road Aumond J-W 1W0

Phone: 819-449-4006

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