Denholm, a small village with about 620 inhabitants, is situated in the Outaouais region some 45 miles south-east of Maniwaki, in Vallee-de-la-Gatineau county.

Denholm’s territory was shaped throughout the last ice age and its landscape is a mountainous area filled with periglacial lakes and a dense forest. Thus Denholm is an ideal site for a wilkife experiences.

Guests get to Denholm by Route 105, across the Paugan dam over the Gatineau river and through the small village of Low.

Denholm, founded and named after a Scottish town, in 1869, was an important mining center in the early XXth century. Today, however, it’s a quiet village, but it is expanding all the time with new tourist developments. Many tourists from Ontario and the US know Denholm as a perfect place for canoeing and kayaking (a boat launch is located on the lake Sam). Two camping are available for tourists: the Hermont Camping and the Camping and Resident Camp of the Camp Air-Eau-Bois.

In Quebec, Denholm is also known for its Farm Bison d’erable (Sugar shack and Bison Breeding Ferme).

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