Saint-Georges-de-Cacouna or Cacouna is a town located on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River in the Riviere-du-Loup County within the Lower St. Lawrence or Bas-Saint-Laurent Region of Quebec. Its population is of about 1,700.

The name Cacouna derives from the Algonquian word Kakoua-Nak, meaning land where porcupines live or just Porcupine Country.

In 1758 Acadians flying deportation arrrived at Cacouna, joining a few fishermen who had earlier settled in the area. Since 1863, rich families of anglophone Montreal merchants began building spacious villas that can still be admired This is peaceful but dynamic community.

Visitors like its historic buildings, cottages, villas and old bourgeois homes by the sea which constitute remarkable architectural heritage, its glorious sunsets and landscapes. The village is very green. It forms a pleasant ensemble of many heritage buildings including the great villas, the church presbytery from 1836, and a magnificent church. In the downtown, Rue du Quai leads down to a lovely small park where guests can see small 19th century houses.

West of the village, a lookout gives a panoramic view of the Saint-Lawrence river and the islands. To the east, a wetland provides an excellent site for observing shorebirds In fact, Cacouna is a member of the Association of the most beautiful Villages of Quebec. A large industrial park is a major development tools for the regional economy.

The port of Gros-Cacouna is well-known in Quebec and throughout Canada.

The Malaseet First Nations of Viger reserve also called Cacouna is situated nearby. The extensive salt marshes around the community are an important habitat for migrating waterfowl.

Cacouna is situated along Roud 132.

cacouna town

Town of Cacouna, Main street, an ancient postcard

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