St. Pierre of Ile d'Orleans

Founded in 1679, considered as one of the earliest populating places in Nouvelle France (Canada), Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul of Ile d’Orleans used to be a centre of traditional crafts.

A few companies were installed there, such as a butter factory, a forge, a tin shop and a cheese farm among others. First settlers came to the area around 1660, and the first chapel was built in 1662.

In 1997, the Parish of Saint-Pierre was renamed to Saint-Pierre-de-l'Île-d'Orléans to better distinguish the town from other namesake communities in Québec. Its population never stopped growing since the building of the bridge linking the island and Quebec City, in 1935.

The village keeps it farming tradition alive by producing potatoes and strawberries. Here, as comes spring, comes autumn, on each side of the bridge, guests can observe thousands of geese and ducks feeding and resting before getting back to their long journey.

The oldest country church in Quebec, built circa 1720, is located in St. Pierre, only 15 minutes away from Old Quebec.

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