Laniel is a small community of less than 180 inhabitants in the Abitibi-Temiscamingue region, nestled on the shores of the magnificent Kipawa Lake. This village in the Temiscamingue County symbolizes a communion with nature. Laniel’s area, with its 540 square kilometers (216 mi²) of natural beauty, is a vacation paradise for outdoor enthusiasts.

An enchanting resort, Kipawa Lake includes about one thousand islands and more than one thousand miles of shoreline. Visitors should keep in mind that the forest of Temiscamingue, from Laniel to Rapide-des-Joachims, is home to a wide variety of tree species.

Also, Canal Bay’s charming characteristics of a fiord make it a very popular site for vacationers. The area is adorned with lush vegetation shaded under cedars and large red and white pine trees.

The steep cliffs in the bay offer a spectacular view. Clermont and Huard Islands are very popular among the canoeists who can paddle down the Kipawa River onto Lake Kipawa. These sites are equipped with docks, picnic tables, and outhouses.

Both islands have sandy shorelines, perfect for swimming and basking in the sun. A pedestrian trail awaits hikers on Clermont Island.

The Heronry, an ideal site for birdwatchers, ornithologists, and photographers who want to observe herons in their natural habitat, spreads across a group of small islands. Guests can observe the birds and their huge treetop nests only from a distance, so they should equip themselves with binoculars.

Besides, the village of Laniel boasts one of the few remaining arch bridges in Quebec. Under the bridge, there is a flood control damn regulating the water level in Kipawa Lake. Kipawa River Trail begins at about 8 km (5 mi) north of Laniel on Highway 101. This 7-km (4 mi) trail leads down to the Grande Chute, a 90-foot waterfall, equipped with picnic areas and lookout points, on the Kipawa River. Vacationers who prefer a less demanding trail can access the Grande Chute by car, with a 15-minute walk from the parking lot.

Each year in June, since 1986, the Kipawa River has attracted canoeists and kayakers from Quebec, Ontario, and the U.S. for the annual Kipawa River Rally.

The paddlers gather here to experience the thrills of the Kipawa River rapids on the run from Laniel to Lake Temiscaming.

Fishing and hunting amateurs can enjoy numerous campgrounds and other accommodations: Camp de la Baie Smith, Camp 3 Saisons, Cedar Valley Lodge, Chalets Baie des Plongeurs, Chalets Diane, Camp la Lucarne, Chalets du Huard, J.J. Camp, Pavillon des deux lunes, and Pourvoirie Landriault.

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