The hamlet of Miquelon lies along the O’Sullivan River, in the James Bay Region, at the junction of the road leading to Chibougamau.

The O’Sullivan River links two lakes: Waswanipi and Pusticamica.

The population of Miquelon is of about 50. Algonquin Natives called the place Pakitamak, meaning “above the mountains”. The name of Miquelon honours Jacques Miquelon, Quebec minister of Lands and forests in 1960. Guests admire here the waterfall that flows under the old railroad.

Travelers can also stop for a spell in Miquelon to enjoy a good restaurant meal and fill up on gas.

Some 25 km north of Miquelon, travelers cross the small mining township of Desmaraisville, established on the fringes of the Canadian National Railroad linking Abitibi and Lac-St-Jean, via Chibougamau. The name of the village honours Mgr Aldee Desmarais, former bishop of the Amos diocese.

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