Barraute is located in the Abitibi-Témiscamingue Region (Abitibi County). It has a population of about 2000.

The village was formed in 1916, after the completion of the National Transcontinental Railway which was built through the Abitibi region.

The family of Uldéric Hardy was the first to settle here, followed by a further twenty in 1917. By 1918 the place had a total of 30 families.

The new village called Natagan. Its name was taken from the Natagan River, a Native American name that means "winding waters", but in 1919, the Natagan River Post Office was renamed to Barraute, thus honouring Pierre-Jean Bachoie, called Barraute (1723-1760), an officer of the Béarn Regiment in the army of the French General Montcalm and member of the Order of Saint Louis.

In 1918, the United Township of Fiedmont-et-Barraute was constituted, incorporating the geographic townships of Fiedmont and Barraute

In 1948, a sector of the territory separated and was incorporated as the Village Municipality of Barraute.

In 1950, zinc and silver mines were founded. The mining industry contributed to the local prosperity, as well as the favourable location of the community along the railroad and Laflamme River (a tributary of the Bell River). But the closure of the zinc and silver mines in 1957, as well as the closure in 1965 of Canada's only lithium mine in neighbouring La Corne, dealt a blow to the economy of Barraute.

In 1994, the Municipalities of Fiedmont-et-Barraute and Barraute were regrouped into the new Municipality of Barraute.

Today, about 95% of the locals speak French as their first language and the rest speak English as first language,

Barraute is home to the Mont-Vidéo Ski Resort.

The well-known Foire du camionneur de Barraute is a heavy truck pulling competition. There are a modified-car race, a truck parade, loaded and bobtail competitions, as well as a flea market, shows and bingo day. Affordable campsites are just a step away, with shower services and cafeteria.

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