The village of Sainte-Petronille is located toward the western end of the Ile d'Orleans or Orleans Island. Sainte-Petronille was founded officially in 1870. Before, the site was commonly known as "le bout de l'ile", meaning "the tip of the island" in French.

The Huron found refuge there in 1651 and lived for many years. The village became a very popular resort in the middle of the 19th century, and the wealthy from Quebec City built many luxurious residences that can still be seen from the Quebec's downtown. The very first wharf on the island was built in 1855, at St. Petronille.

The Felix Leclerc family homestead is located in St. Petronille. It stands alongside the highway beside the drive down to the farm houses where it all began so long ago.

The British general James Wolfe had his headquarters near by during the summer campaign of 1759, when the British army seized Quebec City.

Finally, let’s say than the very first wharf on the island was built in 1855, at Sainte-Petronille From St. Petronille visitors can see the impressive Chute Montmorency - Montmorency Falls as well as a panorama of the St. Lawrence River and Quebec City.

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