The village of Radisson is located at the very end of the James Bay Road, being an oasis in the heart of the taiga and one of the rare non native communities in Quebec north of the 53rd parallel.

The village was founded in 1974 to accommodate workers who came here to complete the “project of the century”, thus the Robert-Bourassa Power Station and other hydraulic projects of the La Grande River, performed by Hydro-Quebec, one of the largest electricity companies in North-America.

Over the years, the population of Radisson has fluctuated according to the needs of the projects in the area. After the construction was completed, those who loved the Great North, stayed on. They ensured the survival of the young community.

Today, Radisson offers a full range of services and warmly welcomes visitors, fishing groups, hunters and lovers of the great outdoors.

The permanent population of Radisson is today of around 400.

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