The city of Drummondville is situated in the Centre-du-Quebec administrative region. Its population is around 60,000 people and the city stretches over some 250 sq. kilometers.

The present city of Drummondville is a result of the recent administrative merger that took place in 2004 and united Drummondville, Saint-Nicephore, Saint-Charles-de-Drummond and Saint-Joachim-de-Courval (mergers and splits are almost a national sport in Quebec).

The city of Drummondville was founded in 1815 with a military purpose: after the war of 1812-1815 with the United States was over, Canada decides to create a military and agricultural base 50 kilometers away from the mouth of the St-François river. Lieutenant-Colonel Frederick George Heriot and a group of veterans are entrusted with the mission. Going up the St-François river, Heriot chooses this site to establish the base.

The locality is named after Sir Gordon Drummond, acting administrator of Canada between the 6th and the 7th Governors. The veterans are provided with lands, tools and supplies to colonize the territory but the majority of them give up as the military are incapable of adapting themselves to pioneering. The British authorities offer these lands to French Canadians but till the end of the century Drummondville develops rather slowly, mostly exploiting natural resources, especially vast reserves of wood. A few foundries are created there as well.

At the beginning of the 20th century, industry ranks before agriculture. The industrial development of Drummondville was based on silk and gunpowder industries. The textile industry is added in the 1920s when Dominion Textile and Celanese settle there. This industry will be the pole of the local economy and job creation for several decades.

In the last 30 years, thanks to its strategic geographical situation at the intersection of major routes, industrial parks were created in Drummondville. The municipal authorities created propitious conditions for development and favored new sectors of activity to ensure economic vitality of Drummondville. Mechanical engineering, metallurgy, electric and electronic parts, composite material, plastics and high technology products manufacturing, including digital disks and CD-ROM, all these sectors give evidence of the flourishing industrial activity and diversified economic structure of Drummondville.

Drummondville also distinguishes itself by various tourist attractions. Among these attractions there is the The Ancient Quebec Village - Village québécois d’antan that is famous well beyond the Canadian borders. The Mondial des cultures (World Festival of Culture) uniting folk ensembles from some 15 countries has been held in July for more than 20 years.

The International Midget Hockey Tournament and the multimedia show Légendes fantastiques (Fantastic Legends) also contribute to the reputation of Drummondville. The city of Drummondville is one of the rare cities of Quebec whose Internet sites pay special attention to newcomers.

If you are about to settle in Drummondville and want to have more information to facilitate your integration in the new environment, the Regroupement interculturel de Drummond (R.I.D.) and the City of Drummondville are ready to cater for your needs.

To contact the Regroupement interculturel de Drummond and the city of Drummondville, please call 819-478-6578.

Contact details of Drummondville:

Mailing addresse: C. P. 398 Drummondville

J2B 6W3 Phone : 819 478-6554

Internet site of Drummondville: www.ville.drummondville.qc.ca

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