St-Jovite is located in the Laurentians, along the route 117, which is a natural prolongation of Autoroute 15 linking Montreal to Abitibi region. The 117 route is bordering St-Jovite all along the village and it’s a natural halt for travellers. In 2000, St-Jovite merged with the town of Mont-Tremblant.

St-Jovite has been an excellent touristic destination since the mid-thirties of the XXth century. Today, the Mont-Tremblant/St-Jovite racing circuit is still bringing in thousands of people every year.

The Mont-Tremblant ski Station has brought a new future for St-Jovite. This project of a four season touristic complex, with its investment nearing the billion dollars, has exploded into all the touristic infrastructures of the region. A multitude of hotels, inns, motels, condos and touristic facilities have been added to the region.

Lakes and rivers, together with touristic activities like alpine skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing, hiking, snowmobiling, biking, nature's observation, golf, seadoo, aviation, Lake Tremblant cruise, nautical sports, all that contribute to make of St-Jovite a real success.

Since the railway linkig Montreal to the North is no longer in service, it has been transformed into a linear Park P’tit Train of the North  that can be used for biking and hiking in the summer, and cross country skiing or snowmobiling in the winter. This linear Park crosses dozens of villages all along its 200 km path. This Park is probably one of the best touristic attraction of the Laurentians.

Lodging in St-Jovite stands to its reputation and the restaurants offer a surprising choice of quality and diversity. They even transformed the old train station into a restaurant!

Touristic infrastructures, lodging and the charm of the local people, all this will make a success of your sojourn in St-Jovite. But the most exciting in St-Jovite is the omnipresence of nature. Even in the heart of the village, you will feel its charm.

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