Kitigan Zibi

Kitigan Zibi is an Algonquin reserve, located in the Gatineau Valley County of the Outaouais region of Quebec. It’s the largest Algonquin Nation community of Canada. Kitigan Zibi means river desert and the term desert relates to a cultivated or cleaned area.

The Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg community covers is situated just outside the town Maniwaki, approximately 130 kilometres north of Gatineau/Ottawa.

Many services are available to the residents, including a school, a day-care, a community hall, a youth center, a health centre, a police department, and other services.

The reserve was founded in 1851 and its population is of more than 1130 inhabitants.

Guests find here many attractions, such as fabulous traditional Kitigan Zibi’s Pow Wow, which takes place every year on the first weekend of June or the Cultural and educational center Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg with its expositions, paintings, photographs and artefacts presenting the history and the cultural heritage of the Algonquin people.

Tourists can experience the process of the Algonquin Immersion at the Hawks Trading Post (the traditional Algonquin food is served on the place for travelers). Ruby’s Art and Crafts offer souvenirs hand-made by the local artists and artisans (visitors can find there several other souvenirs and gift shops and boutiques). The community is also home of Awazibi Pure Maple Syrup and Mawandoseg Kitigan Zibi, a living museum dedicated to traditional way of life.

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