Natashquan is a township municipality, located in the Northern Shore - Cote-Nord Region of Quebec in Canada on the coasts of the Natashquan Bay. Its population is of about 400.

Sandy Natashquan Bay offers great swimming on a 4 miles beach. Tourists can visit the following village’s attractions: the Magasins du Galet, a heritage and cultural site; the Pas du Portageur, a 9 miles trail where tourists can go hiking through abundant mid-northern flora; the café/bistro L’Echouerie, which features various shows by rising talents, summer theatre, storytelling, legends and local musicians.

The Museum of the Vieille Ecole, offers interactive tours, video projections, multimedia exhibits, music and photographs. In early summer, the Innucadie storytelling festival provides an opportunity to listen to many storytellers from here and afar.

Gilles Vigneault, one of Quebec's most famous songwriters, was born in Natashquan. Natashquan, a unique maritime destination offers a heritage tour known as “La Marche de Monsieur Petitpas,” named after one of Vigneault’s characters. A separate Innu reserve of Natashquan is adjacent to the municipality.

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