The township of Saint-Camille, founded in 1848, is located within the Les Sources County (Eastern Townships). The township has a population of about 450.

If you like to visit or admire ancient buildings, the township of Saint-Camille houses a post office, a convenience store, a church, a presbytery and a chapel all built in the 19th century.

To admire the region’s wildlife and flora, you can go to Watopéka Lake, which banks are rather grassy and shelter duck species. The green-winged teal and the blue-winged teal are two species that can be observed, as well as the least bittern. lle Saint-Camille was one of the first French-speaking villages in the Townships.

At the heart of the village, apart from the post office established in 1864, are buildings going back to 1875 such as the loggia-style convenience store, the church, and its rectory. Saint-Antoine Chapel is also worth a visit. The small municipality has annexed part of Dudswell, including Lake Watopeka – a place of rare beauty, teeming with migratory birds.

Recognized for their agriculture, local residents know how to make the most of their innovative spirit. In tribute to Quebec singer Felix Leclerc, the P’tit Bonheur community and cultural centre encapsulates the spirit of rural life through a variety of activities.

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