Forestville is located in the Cote-Nord Region of Quebec, on the north shore of the St. Lawrence River. It has a population of about 4,000. The town was founded in 1937 thanks to the development of hydro-electric power and forest wealth by Anglo-Canadian Pulp and Paper Company. Curiously enough, the town's name doesn't depict its natural particularities.

The community was named for Grant V. Forest, an Irishman who set up a sawmill at the mouth of Sault-of-Cauchon River in the 19th Century. However, as the lumber industry developed here, we can be reasonably sure, vast forests around contributed to the name… Logs from the forests of the interior floated down the Sault-of-Cauchon River to a holding station near the local dam.

Then they were washed down the flume to the quay, loaded on the ships and transported to Quebec City for processing. The community is known for their hunting and fishing opportunities, as there are many lakes and rivers to fish in. During the moose hunting season many tourists come here. Camping is popular during the summer and cross country skiing in the winter. The town is host to The Defi Boreal 100K Loppet which is a cross-country and snow skating race with varying distances including 100 kilometres.

The Forestville Airport is situated near the urban area. About 105 km of route stand between Forestville and Baie-Comeau. Besides, there is a vehicle and passenger ferry service linking Forestville to Rimouski, located on the south shore of the St. Lawrence.

Finally, let's remind you that Jean Beliveau born in Forestville was a famous player of Aces of Quebec hockey team before he became Montreal Canadians. The Aces of Quebec were named for Anglo-Canadian Employees Society from Forestville.

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