Situated in the jonction of the lake Champlain and the Richelieu river, near the Vermont border, the Municipality of Noyan, in the Monteregie Region, the municipality of Noyan has a permanent population of about 1100. However, during the summer months, the population increases to approximately 3000, counting campers, tourists and cottage owners who come to Noyan to enjoy the summer.

Agriculture and tourism are two sources of income of the residents and the cheese connoisseurs enjoy visiting the Fritz Kaiser Cheese factory, whose reputation is well established. Agriculture is predominant in Noyan, with 95% of its territory zoned agricultural. Benefiting from a zone of thermal units ranking highest in Quebec, farmers obtain remarkable yields. Dairy producers supply the popular Fritz Kaiser cheese factory whose reputation is well established.

Noyan farms produce corn silage, soya, grain corn, small grains, alfalfa and hay. We also find the production of milk, beef, pork and grain fed veal.

With fine point technology, our producers use, adapt, and practice new methods in order to protect the environment and to offer consumers high quality products. The community has many commercial  businesses and services to serve you.

Many residents work from their homes and their number has been growing for the past few years. With the new technologies in communications, workers will be able to choose a more creative environment, with minimal loss of time due to travel time, traffic and costs, and Noyan is one of the places that offer that environment to future independent workers.

In fact, Noyan is a site of holiday resort. Hundreds of people own chalets for the summer season here and others take advantage of numerous available campsites.

It’s very convenient to the practice of the aquatic sports or cycle ride, and cycling is very popular in the area.

Visitors can find a few camp-sites along the Richelieu River. For tourists staying more than one day, we suggest a beautiful hotel, Relais 4 Saisons or a Bed and Breakfast Gîte La Bohème, both located on the riverside.

If you come here to fish, you will find a wide variety of fish along with the possibility of renting boats. Ash Island, located in the middle of the river, is an ideal and enchanting place for fishermen. For boaters and yachters, boat launches are available. You can sail south toward Vermont or north toward St-Paul-de-l’Île-aux-Noix.

In Noyan you will find MacCallum Park equipped with picnic tables and a rest area. The City Hall and the Noyan Municipal Library are just a step away. To the East, Noyan borders the municipality of St-George de Clarenceville.

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