Located on the North of the Gatineau-Ottawa metropolitan area, Low is one of the Vallee-de-la-Gatineau villages. The name of the village reminds Mr. Charles Adamson Low, a local timber tycoon who lived in XIXth century.

This municipality of less than one thousand inhabitants, was founded in 1858 and it’s situated close to the Paugan dam, an impressive structre offerin nice panoramic views of the Gatineau river. The dam delimits over 25 miles of navigable waters on the northern course of the Gatineau rivers.

The village of Law is a departing point of the Linear Park of the Gatineau Valley (this part ob trail is called Veloroute du Draveur. It’s length is of about 55 miles and it’s covered with stone dust). Among its attractions, visitors find the local ancient covered bridge and the Brook’s Hill Museum, home of many coach drivers who worked the Chelsea-Maniwaki line.

Canoe rental is available at Low, as well as a few restaurants (f.i., restaurant Barbe, restaurant Pine View). As to B & B, visitors can stay at Stag Greek. Finally, many guests come to practice horseback riding at Low.

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