Metis-sur-Mer is a village in the La Mitis County within the Lower-St-Lawrence (Bas-Saint-Laurent) Region of Quebec.

It has a population of about 600. The name Metis derives from from the aboriginal world meetee-wee, meaning "a place of reunion". In the early times of New France the French gave the name Mitis to the local river. The area was established as the seignory of DePieras in 1675.

Much later, in 1800, the land was bought by Scots who brought in the first permanent residents. With the coming of the railway, in the second half of the 19th century, many people from Montreal and from the US began to build summer houses here.

In the early 1900 there were a number of hotels here. Today most of them had disappeared, living the paradise on the river to cottage owners. Many houses stand here as a reminder of the Scottish pioneers of the area who came here before the summer people.

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