Located in a verdant valley by the Appalachian Mountains and surrounded by hills, the village of Marbleton curls around a small Argent Lake with a swimming beach.

Today Marbleton is a neighbourhood of the town of Dudswell, with a total population of 1800. Indeed, Dudswell is a merger of two rustic hamlets, Bishopton and Marbleton. In 2001, Marbleton was able to work its way up to be designated a member of the Association des plus beaux villages du Québec - Association of the most beautiful villages in Quebec.

The village is characterized by its beautiful landscape, the abundance of its flora, fauna and natural resources, a very alive cultural life, the inheritance of its patrimonial buildings, all nested   in a charming decor surrounded by  lakes and rivers. The distinctive name of Marbleton comes from a marble quarry that was exploited here since the 1850s. Today, in summer, people come to enjoy the outdoor concerts presented in this ancient quarry that bears an exceptional acoustics.

In fact, Marbleton prospered through limestone quarrying. Near the village, vacationers can play golf or follow a hiking trail in the Dudswell inhabited forest to enjoy a panoramic view of the valley.

The village in also known for its several patrimonial Catholic, Protestant and other churches and the Beauregard Museum which displays a collection of dozens of miniature models of early 20th Century scenes, sculpted in wood in meticulous detail.

Visitors can admire the Anglo-Saxon architectural heritage through the imposing houses, the 19th-century wooden castles and the centennial cemeteries.

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