Baie-Comeau is located on the shores of Baie des Anglais (Bay of the English) at the Manicouagan river estuary in the Regional County Municipality of the same name, in the Cote-Nord (North Coast) region, and its population counts twenty-seven thousand people. It is considered the capital of Manicouagan region and one of the biggest towns of the Cote-Nord (North Coast) region, its landscape contains a plateau and mountains, and its vegetation consists of conifer forests.

Footprints of a 6000-year-old American Indian presence can be found there whereas its modern history begins by the end of 19th century with the establishment of a small village around a sawmill built by the Amedee river. A chapel was erected there later on. In 1923, Robert McCormick, an American manufacturer and the owner of an important Chicago newspaper, became interested in wood reserves of the Manicouagan river and in 1920s-1930s, the town pier is completed; houses, the mill, a shopping center, a hospital and Ste-Amelie church are erected.

In 1945, the bishop of Cote-Nord (North Coast) establishes his residence in Baie-Comeau. The town is constantly developing and an aluminium company is set up here in 1955. Four years later, a new road is build to enable Hydro-Québec to erect a series of new dams as part of the famous Manicouagan-Outardes project including building of Manic 2, Manic 3, Manic 5, Outardes 2 and Outardes 4 power plants.

Economy continues growing and companies developing; for example, a new sawmill called “Scierie des Outardes” opens. Public and parapublic sector employees are numerous at social services, hospitals, schools, college. The dynamisme of this industrial town is reflected by a landscape scattered with big enterprises.

The territory of Baie-Comeau stretches for 30 kilometers. The Western and Eastern sectors of the town are linked by a cycling trail going along road 138. The Amedee river crosses the town and finishes its course at magnificent cascades of the ”Vieux-Poste” site where the town was born.

To reach Baie-Comeau from Quebec via Sainte-Anne de Beaupre (North coast of Saint-Laurent), take road 138 East. From Levis, take road 132 East or highway 20 to Rivière-du-Loup, then take a ferry. From Chicoutimi, take road 172.

The town offers some interesting opportunities to newcomers to Canada.

To contact Baie-Comeau:

City of Baie-Comeau
19, avenue Marquette
G4Z 1K5

Phone: 418 296-4931

Official site of the municipality of Baie-Comeau:

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