Les Mechins

Situated at the utmost Eastern point of the MRC of Matane (Lower St Lawrence Region) the community of Les Mechins, with its cliffs and sandy beaches is one of the most beautiful sites on the Gaspe Peninsula.

By the bewitching surrounding and the wealth of its history the village fascinates and it's mostly because of its geographical and maritime sites that Les Mechins is so well known. Les Mechins, founded in 1880, became a parish in March 1911, but its first chapel was consecrated in 1881.

According to the legend, the evil spirit Outikou, who haunted a local mountain, chased people with a stick as big as a tree. That evil spirit had just one eye like a Cyclops. He was running non-stop on the beach and only the exorcism given by a Jesuit in 1668 might have delivered his sufferers. That evil spirit was known by the Micmac Indians as Matsi, (méchant meaning, bad or evil) who took a new shape as (Mechins).

Situated east of Matane, at 110 km from Ste-Flavie and at 30 km from Ste-Felicite, the actual Les Mechins is the consequence of the merger in1982, of St-Paulin-Dalibaire, St-Thomas-de-Cherbourg and Les Méchins. The village has known a progress starting in 1880, mainly because of the agriculture, the herring smokehouses and the naval activities; some boats were even built at the end of the XIX century. Nowadays, Les Mechins is a typical village of Gaspesie.

There is a thriving shipyard called Verreault Navigation, founded by Captain Borromée Verreault in 1956. West of the village, there are beautiful landscapes surrounding Sem's brook and Anse aux Crapauds (Toad's cove). The cove was called this way due to the rocks looking like toads at sunset.

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