Asbestos is a rather important town according to Quebec’s norms – it has a population of more than 7,000. The town is located in south-eastern Quebec (Centre-du-Quebec Region), on the Nicolet River. Asbestos is the seat of the Les Sources County (MRC des Sources), formerly the Asbestos County (MRC d'Asbestos).

The town of Asbestos is known for its open pit asbestos Jeffrey mine, one of the largest in the world.

The museum of the mine production recounts the history of the mines and the region's inhabitants, and educates the public on the rich mining heritage. The museum also displays various minerals, mainly from the Jeffrey mine, as well as antique surveying tools, photographs and films.

The town of Asbestos was one of the first villages established around industry in the area. Jeffrey mine has long been the town's largest employer, and of the now-closed Magnola magnesium refinery.

The mine was the site of the famous 1949 Asbestos Strike. Anyway, the town of Asbestos has grown up alongside the huge mine, and it has had large chunks of its territory swallowed up by the expanding mine. Indeed, the downtown has disappeared several times over the years. Asbestos has been mined from the gigantic Jeffrey pit for more than 100 years.

Still, the region is full of mountain vistas, good restaurants, nice shops, excellent attractions, heritage sites, and it worth a visit.

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