Remigny is a quaint village, with population of about 330.

The village was established in 1935. Its name derives from the name of an officer of the Carignan regiment, the first military unit sent to New France to support the colons in their one-hundred years war against the Iroquoians. Located on a peninsula, this community is a true nature destination for many tourists who find there many lakes, a charming park, and a game-abounding hunting territory.

Guests can visit an ancient paddle-wheel water mill, as a cut-stone church, built in the 1940s by the parishioners. The church is built of cut stone in the Dom Bello style, without any pillars inside.

Curious fact: the L’entre-Lacs Spa B&B of Remigny is located in the old presbytery, built in 1958. Its owners decided to keep its unique atmosphere and they conserve the original furniture in its original condition.

Guests can ask for a tour of the premises and get a vivid description of the lifestyle of the priests who lived here. Among these priests, was Father Cote, an amateur artist who made a few painting newcomers may admire at their own leisurely pace. Besides, this B&B  has on exhibition the work of local artists.

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